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Eleven O'Clock Theatre

Mission Statement

Eleven O’Clock Theatre (11OC) is a Production Company committed to providing a platform to develop and produce new musical theatre, and exploring pre-existing musical theatre through a new or underrated lens. 11OC is passionate about supporting the Australian musical theatre community in an inclusive, challenging, and professional manner. In order to achieve this, we abide by the following core principles that guide the operation of the company:


  • We are committed to diverse selection and casting across all projects.

  • We strive to connect with people of all backgrounds to encourage participation in the arts as audiences, as performers, as learners and as critics.

  • We treat each other as equals while respecting our diversity and what such diversity can bring to a team.

  • We are innovative and agile in our dynamic environment.

  • We strive to create an environment that is accessible to all members of the musical theatre community, from cast to audience. It is imperative that theatre continues to expand the boundaries of accessibility through collaboration with and support of diverse individuals.

  • We are open to having dialogues with all members of the musical theatre community about how we can improve our approach to diversity, inclusivity and access.

  • We are committed to ongoing learning and action that works to improve theatrical experiences for marginalised communities.

  • We are committed to uplifting the work and voices of marginalised communities.


  • We aim to engage the creativity of all team members to create an enriching experience for all.

  • We ensure all team members have access to existing processes and procedures to maximise their ability to do their job.

  • We support an interest in expanding knowledge and skills of all team members.

  • We are open and accepting of constructive feedback.

  • We utilise our collective knowledge to improve the quality of a project and the project experience.


  • We aim to communicate professionally and calmly to all.

  • We show empathy in difficult situations.

  • We listen to each other's ideas and encourage collaboration.

  • We share the most up to date information and take responsibility to actively seek it out.

  • We respect different communication styles when dealing with our team.


  • We follow procedures thoroughly to make sure each task is completed to the best of our ability.

  • We arrive on time, ready to work, and return promptly from breaks.

  • We share the workload to help each other finish what needs to get done. This includes assessing our own capabilities and needs, and reaching out for help when required.

  • We acknowledge and celebrate each other's strengths and respect the contributions of all team members.

  • We take a solution-focused, team-centred approach to problem-solving and when navigating difficult situations.

Meet The Team

Bronya Doyle edit.jpg




Bronya (she/her) is an emerging Producer, Director and  Theatre Maker. Bronya was always involved in all things performing. In 2012, Bronya completed a Diploma of Art in Musical Theatre and Commercial Dance at the Australian Dance and Performance Institute and, upon completion, moved to Melbourne in 2013. At the  University of Melbourne Bronya made the shift from performance to production roles. While at the University, Bronya has worked in productions as a Choreographer, Director, Stage Manager and Producer for both established and New Theatre Works. In 2018, Bronya worked as the Producer at Melbourne Fringe for ‘The Factory’: A Sharp Intake of Breath and Chicks Dig It and was a production Manager for MUSC’s Site Specific project An Other Space. In creative teams, Bronya worked as the Director for UMMTA’s production of GP and as an Assistant Choreographer under mentor Xanthe Beesley for UHT’s production IDA. Additionally, Bronya was an ensemble member in the devised movement production of Things We Should Talk About, also under the direction of Xanthe Beesley. During this process Bronya observed and learned valuable lessons in the process of ensemble and working creatively to devise new work. 

In 2019, Bronya worked as the movement director for Parade, incorporating the devising process into script and story telling.  Additionally, Bronya was the Stage Manager for the debut production of Fran & Leni for Melbourne Independent Theatre company Seemingly Wholesome Productions and was the Co-Director for Inkling with Ann-Marie Biagioni on Floor Work’s debut production. During this year Bronya also worked as the Production Manager for the Bi-annual festival MUDFest and completed a Directorial Attachment with Melbourne Theatre Company’s production of The Violent Outburst that Drew Me to You. Bronya is excited to be embarking on this new Production Company Eleven O'Clock Theatre.

Maya (she/her) is an independent producer, director and photographer based in Melbourne. She is a proud queer, Israeli woman who is passionate about exploring the potential of the musical theatre medium to tell diverse stories. Her directing credits include Heathers: The Musical (Assistant Director, UMMTA, 2017) and Parade (Assistant Director, UMMTA, 2019). Her producing credits include The Drowsy Chaperone (UMMTA, 2018), which won Best Musical at the 2018 Union House Theatre Awards, ‘The Sitzprobe’ (Co-Producer, UMMTA, 2018), and Fran & Leni (Seemingly Wholesome Productions, 2019). She was also the President of UMMTA in 2018, acting as an executive producer of a five-show musical season, including three new work initiatives. Her photography has recently been exhibited as part of MUDFest (University of Melbourne, 2019) and Mutualism (a collaboration between the University of Melbourne School of Biomedical Sciences and the Australian Government). Maya holds a Bachelor of Arts (University of Melbourne, Psychology / Criminology) and is a mental health worker who is passionate about improving wellbeing outcomes for marginalised populations. Maya is super excited to be establishing Eleven O'Clock Theatre and developing new work with such a spectacular group of people.

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